Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wek'Fest Recap!

WekFest was fun....Would i recommend you taking ur Lowered pimp out whip to frisco Hells NO! they got the worst roads ever! You will find out why..

We left friday morning with Frank AKA Bolt Boys and co-pilot Hector Cruz..The most Non-Messican Mexican i know! Then we met up with the Phaze2 Crew,Big Mike,Brandon, Ejay (KOSOKU) and other peeps i didn't really know....

1st pit stop...i had tooo peeeee really bad lol!

After driving 7hrs, it took so long because we hit rain. I couldn't see the car in front of me and Ejay and frank didn't have wipers FTL! But we made!

Saturday woke up real early to switch out the wheels! Then we headed to the car wash when all hell brakes loose! Well not really but the bead from my tire broke FTL!
So i went looking around for a new tire only place was Pep Boys and it wasn't cheap..200 dollars for a freaking 215 35 18 is robbery..but i needed it.
Thanks to SOLO he hook me up with a shop that was able to stretch the tire for me. Sonic Motorsports was able to stretch my tire for me and they didnt even charge me..Thanks Guys!

Sunday..rolling time...
I have never seen so many cars..i didn't really take pictures but most likely u have seen them on the web already any ways...

After we settled in, first thing we did was hector wanted to go see his favorite model.....Shes not my type of girl but hes in love with her...

where the giraffe IS300 was posted!

One last thing...
I would like to thank Solo ( http://gowithsolo.blogspot.com/ ) for getting me into the show and helping me out when i got the flat...Thanks again for everything
I would also like to thank HeyMikey for answering all my stupid questions..lol
Brandon thanks again for driving me around when i was looking 4 a tires!
And Hector for helping with everything this weekend......

And for all the haters......... one last pix!


  1. LMAO on the first shot of hector. That fuckers practically a Filipino...but still looks like a beaner. - Dre

  2. Congrats on your BEST LEXUS IS G!!

  3. I love the last line on your post and the picture!....

  4. Thanks for being creative. Keep thinking outside the box and leave the haters in the dust. Ur shit is hawt!

    - solo