Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Torta's & cars..

Torta's & cars..
Well ever since Ive met Milton (CamberSC)
We have been meeting up at La Palapa for some good food....
We usually have good talk about cars and ideas...
If u ever come to Oxnard, you better go to La Palapa and order a Super!

Heres a picture of the Sc400 that is one of the sickest in Socal!

Frank the Tank's Rhd Eg!

This year i was able to meet some great peeps.
Like frank from oxnard with his clean ass Rhd Eg.
Seen this car go from a rolling shell, to a work of art on wheels!

Shaved engine bay,His own custom wiring harness,work equips, and all kinds of other goodies!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The whip...

Heres some pictures of the IS300 thats always changing in look! This car has gone threw 4 sets of wheels in the last 3 months... Im still figuring out what wheels i like!...