Friday, November 13, 2009

Devil's EG

If the devil was into honda's, this EG would be his. Milano Red, Red BRIDE interior and a K Bomb. What else would he need as he Drives around So*Cal collecting souls! Mr. Shawn put this EG together soooo goood that you would spend weeks, months trying to find a imperfection..........


Buddy Club Racing Spec Coilovers
Beaks Lower Tie Bar, Miracle Upper Strut Tower Brace, Magnesium Faced NR10-R's with NR10R spare, Garson Ice Valve Stem Covers
93 EG, Milano Red, paint by RANZ autobody
All new rubbers and molding throughout (OEM Honda)
EDM Headlight Covers, Garson Iced out License Plate Fastners!

Full Bride Interior (front + rear seats, headliner, door panels), Sparco Wheel, Signal Auto Shift Knob, Autometer Oil Pressure and AEM UEGO gauges, JDM center council with Garson Iced Out Cig Lighter, Karro Floor Mats

Custom Brake and Fuel Lines

K20 swap, ChaseBoys Milspec Harness, K-Pro ECU
Mugen Front Strut Bar, Mugen Coil Pack Cover, Mugen Oil Cap

This car was 100% backyard built!!! HaterBros Built!!!! Props to Richeworks!

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  1. Damn, that build took time and effort. That is nuts. Well I got into a constructive arguement with you on user ameoba culture on the stance thread, I hope we don't got beef or anything like that, I wasen't mad or pissed about any of it. I'm just glad too see another is'er with a blog. Keep it up.